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We love the desert and we love remodeling properties, especially mid century modern properties. The Joshua Tree Dream Incubator is one of our latest passions. When we purchased this house, it was in such disrepair that we just had to start dreaming up the perfect way to fix it up. Once it is completed we will open it up for rent, for others to also enjoy it. We, Greg and Anna-Karin are looking forward to share the progress with you.


Gautam Tarafdar
Gautam Tarafdar
USGBC Relationship Manager
The Green Insight
The Green Insight
LEED for Homes Provider
Kirsten Shaw
Kirsten Shaw
Green Rater


There are four roles in the delivery process for LEED for Homes.

  1. Provider
    • Oversight of the Green Rater.
    • Reviews all documentation and completes the certification in conjunction with USGBC.
  2. Green Rater
    • Takes the project team through a preliminary rating meeting targeting the credits needed for the desired certification level.
    • Communicates with the project team throughout the build schedule.
    • Provides the LEED visual verifications.
    • Works with the project team to put together the final checklist.
    • Communicates with the Provider on technical issues and ID credits.
    • Prepares the certification submittal package.
  3. HERS Rater
    • All projects will need to hire a HERS/Energy Star Rater to perform the necessary HERS and Energy Star tests to meet Title 24 and Energy Star requirements. This HERS Rater could be the same person as the Green Rater if certified by RESNET.
  4. USGBC
    • Conducts the final certification call with Provider and either certifies, denies, or makes the project “pending certification.”
    • Makes certificates available for project team.
    • Sends USGBC/LEED logos and marketing materials to project teams at the team’s request.